» Nikol Pashinyan's move reminds me of Karen Karapetyan's. Zohrab Yeganyan

Nikol Pashinyan's move reminds me of Karen Karapetyan's. Zohrab Yeganyan

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User Zohrab Yeganyan posted on his Facebook page: “In Armenia, to put it mildly, traffic is not in good shape and it must be regulated, and the state is once again taking the second or third step without taking the first step. Even in the best of circumstances, in Armenia, especially in Yerevan, it is impossible to drive without disturbances. without crossing a solid line, without parking in an unauthorized place, and so on. The reasons are both objective and the result of the state's inactivity, such as the furnishing of streets and highways in Armenia - there is no lighting, the markings are in a shameful state, the barriers along the gorge and the dangerous roads either do not exist or are incomplete and so on. As for Yerevan, try to cross the street near supermarkets, restaurants, for example, there are always second-line cars in front of the Yerevan Tavern on Yerevan Street, mainly taxis, they turn on emergency lanes and stop, forcing you to cross a solid line. If there are no new roads, multi-storey car parks, then the introduction of the grading system will be a disaster. Do you want to make sure you go for 15 minutes to a fanatic in Yerevan and shoot? 9 points Every second taxi driver consumes half an hour.

I am sure that the police will not be able to control the application of the law, and if they try hard, they will fall into a curse, notwithstanding possible protests that will lead to clashes. In general, the state will be disgraced because it has adopted a law that cannot be enforced. This move by Nikol Pashinyan's government reminds me of what Karen Karapetyan did during his years as mayor of Yerevan, when he started to remove the pavement trading points without providing space and insisted that they would provide the area later. Such behavior led to his resignation. People used to say, get a seat first, get some pampering, then come back and say, get out of here. Accept that it is fair.

The other side of the question is that this government will never go against the groups that had gathered in the Republic Square at the time of the change of power. "