» The 16-year-old girl was shot dead at the stop. New details of the incident

The 16-year-old girl was shot dead at the stop. New details of the incident

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Sara Karapetyan, 16, who was strangled in Yerevan, studied at Artashat School # 1 until her ninth grade. "Our school is not finished. From here he moved to Vostan school. In our school he did not have a fussy, extraordinary behavior, he was a silent child," school principal Tina Margaryan told Aravot.am.

Gostam Arshakyan, the principal of Vostan School, told us that Sara was a wonderful student. “He was a very good kid, he had a very high level of education. She was probably not following that baby, she moved from school # 1 to me, her mother didn't fit in with the staff, they decided to move things to us. It was personally under my control, with the teacher we were able to restrain that child from attending school, not behavior. He was a child attending a difficult school, the parent probably staring at his fingers, brought him to school, and the child started missing, taking the teacher off, and sent them home.

 She was not a foster family, she looked like she was married a second time, she was a boy from Artashat, I know her from afar, she was a laborer, she came, I told her Sarah was not coming to school, she promised to bring her every morning, take her, bring her for a few days, then her father went to Russia and That way ... The child received the highest score on the unified exams. 7 students dropped out of our school to apply for Artashat State Humanities College, 6 out of 7 did not pass the competition, they came back to our school, I accepted again, one out of 7 that went to college was Sarah. "