» Daniel Ioannisyan apologized to Gharamyan

Daniel Ioannisyan apologized to Gharamyan

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Daniel Ioannisyan, head of the Union of Informed Citizens, apologized to Artsakh Republic Security Council Secretary Arshavir Gharamyan. He wrote on his Facebook page: "Since yesterday was much discussed, let me say the following:
The circumstances of capturing Arshavir Gharamyan, the current secretary of the Artsakh Security Council, and the story of being released after the war are mutually exclusive.

My information (according to which Gharamyan was captured while collecting loot and exchanged with 32 Azeris) came from two other generals with the rank of Hero of Artsakh, but it contradicts information coming from other sources.

However, I must say that I am not inclined to believe in Gharamyan's version either, as the fact that he was captured in his official biography is bypassed and there is no "official version". Moreover, according to the biography, it turns out that Gharamyan graduated from Yerevan Ecclesiastical Institute in 1994, which is also very strange, since he was in the war hundreds of kilometers from Yerevan in those years.

I apologize to my readers / followers and Gharamyan for disseminating unverified information. My criticism of Gharamyan's statement on the Iran-US confrontation should not have been compared to an inaccurate info on that person.