» Let Pashinyan not scold him, he is our brother; The sincerity of Samvel Alexanyan

Let Pashinyan not scold him, he is our brother; The sincerity of Samvel Alexanyan

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The opening ceremony of the sewing factory owned by the famous oligarch Samvel Alexanyan took place yesterday. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was also present. According to official announcements, the plant will have a thousand employees, and the number of employees will increase in the future.

Overnight changed from oligarch to owner; Samvel Alexanyan, beloved by the authorities, seems to have fallen short of a new roof. Maybe I should have done better. For example, Rita Sargsyan did not advertise the clothing brand owned by Samvel Alexanyan, and Anna Hakobyan does not.

Nikol Pashinyan was also happy and happy, especially when Samvel Alexanyan, almost in the same way as Ali Asadov bowed down to Ilham Aliyev, had something to say to him. It is clear that in his mind Pashinyan feels like a winner. However. For years he has stated that Samvel Alexanyan and others are oligarchs, stating that they have accumulated their wealth at the expense of plunder.

Pashinyan's opposition statements had a rationale for getting rich and being rich; If you are rich, then you are plundering. As a result, the people hated the rich and the rich. This wave of hatred was generated and brought about by the change of power, as the rich and wealth as a unified political and criminal-oligarchic system were associated with Serzh Sargsyan.

The people who made the revolution thought that those riches that were accumulated in the days of the ancients would be distributed to them. But that did not happen. The people forgot that the most protected of all time are the rich. Pashinyan, too, began to "cherish" the rich. Well, he wouldn't do that, since Samvel Alexanyan had once said that Nicole, figuratively speaking, no matter how much he "cheats" them, is their brother, no matter what brother he is. And the people continued to hate the rich and the rich for nothing.