» Multimillionaire political persecutors ․ no one believes them

Multimillionaire political persecutors ․ no one believes them

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Former Armenian ambassador to the Vatican Michael Minasyan has stated that law enforcement agencies have already searched 25 and interrogated about 400 people within the framework of 10 criminal cases (which "in the regime's view" are related to him). In fact, according to Mr. Minasyan, the authorities are repressing him because he is "a competitive opponent of the regime", but the authorities do not understand that there are people who act and act within the law.

 According to him, "this government has targeted repressions in the wrong direction because, unlike many, we knew from the first day what the government was capable of."

There is a well-known saying: "My language is my enemy." Mikayel Minasyan essentially says that the "regime" cannot find any facts against him because he knew "coming to a head" from the very first day of the revolution (unlike many who did not know and could not hide the traces of their "economic activity"). But most ridiculous are his words that he acted and operated within the law.

Well of course. As a brilliantly educated young man (like hundreds of other youths) he had been in business for some time, then held public office, but as his father-in-law rose, his wealth increased and his father became "within the law" after becoming president. has become one of the richest people in Armenia. Understandably, just by chance, the father-in-law has nothing to do with it.