» "Prosperous Armenia Party has got complete freedom and is attacking the mayor". Stepan Safaryan

"Prosperous Armenia Party has got complete freedom and is attacking the mayor". Stepan Safaryan

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Political scientist Styopa Safaryan wrote on her Facebook page: “Of course, I would consider problematic the choice of“ ways ”of solving some problems by Hayk Marutyan, which I consider to be a result of bad advice. As I have written before, he will always face the consequences of such "design" solutions as long as he still uses old dealer and barter services in the city and his consultants, but I like how he fights alone Without hiding behind anybody or team.

Alone, because even his team at City Hall doesn't seem to be pushing back the large-scale attack that has been unleashed against him these days. His teammates in my move do not, unfortunately, shine in defending him, and Hayk now resembles a decisive loner with many of his usual supporters. I also like that his actions keep his opponents under the microscope.

And this was what Armenia longed for when the mayor could be so compelled to give extraordinary explanations. Well, let me not say that the current oppositionists of Hayk Marutyan would give a thousand tummies to the muscle if they dared to see above Gagik Beglaryan, Karen Karapetyan, Taron Margaryan. Remember how Gagik Beglaryan forced Gagik Tsarukyan to dismiss Gagik Tsarukyan, the head of his faction in the Yerevan Council of Elders, who just dared to remind the mayor that it was written in the law that the council could ask the mayor ... Today the PAP Gets Perfect Freedom and Attacks the Mayor ...

Much has changed in Armenia and it will still change. And so, too, is Hayk Marutyan deciding to undergo serious political baptism. So Armenia has become very good because of the Revolution ... the mayor does not beat people and resigns, the mayor does not annihilate an entire district and remains unpunished, the mayor no longer gives explanations when questions arise in public. "