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A dog that denies eating

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Artur Davtyan, an employee of the RA Prosecutor General, who inherited from the former government, who entered the National Assembly a year ago with the request to deprive Nikol Pashinyan of his immunity and imprisonment, has today become a strong revolutionary and fulfills all Nikol Pashinyan's orders.

Davtyan is the "Vishinsky" of our time, a Bolshevik prosecutor who served the revolutionaries until the very last moment. Ready to "capture, exterminate, torture and exterminate" all those named after the great boss, Nikol Pashinyan. In short, Davtyan is the real hero of the revolution, as the classic would say if you want to hear your song, take the breath of time. Davtyan has become, as the only requirement for Nikol Pashinyan's rule to live carelessly and to have no problems is punctuation, deed and fabrication.

The "Vishinsky" of our day passed the test set by Nikol Pashinyan to such an extent that it does not leave the maneuver behind it. Nikol Pashinyan cannot complain that the judicial system is working poorly, they are the progenitors of the past, which is why the results of the revolution are delayed. One cannot say that the same prosecutor misrepresented himself in the process of humanitarian action, because if he had been dissatisfied, at least the stars of the general would not have lowered the heads of law enforcement, including Arthur Davtyan.