» Zhoghovurd. Who gave the rope to the soldier and why?

Zhoghovurd. Who gave the rope to the soldier and why?

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Zhoghovurd daily writes: "Zhoghovurd" daily received exclusive details about the criminal case initiated in connection with the hanging of Vahan Musheghyan, a serviceman, at the Dilijan training center. The soldier was found hanging on a tree on the morning of November 26.

According to the Zhoghovurd daily, the rope with which he was hanged did not belong to the military unit, in general there was no such rope. Investigation revealed that the soldier had been given the rope, and law enforcement officers found and questioned the officer.

The Zhoghovurd daily also knows the identity of the rope-maker, but no matter how strange the rope reached him, we do not publish the name in order to damage the preliminary investigation. Within the criminal case, 30 people, including military personnel and commanders, were interrogated.

All unanimously claimed that Vahan was a respected, clean soldier and had no problems with anyone in the military unit. Not all of Shannon's relatives have been questioned by law enforcement, they will do so shortly after his funeral. "