» I accept the Prime Minister's remark (video)

I accept the Prime Minister's remark (video)

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Today, on the 12th anniversary of SIS formation, when the Prime Minister handed medals to SIS officials, he made a remark to his advisor Jemma Hakobyan for making a false statement. Hakobyan, who was announcing who had awarded the medal, said: "They have been awarded the Mkhitar Gosh Medal for their contribution to strengthening the rule of law and order." At that moment Nikol Pashinyan approached the counselor and whispered something in his ear. It turned out that he was making a remark because the counselor later confessed that he was mistaken.

“I accept the Prime Minister's remark because after the mediation there is a presidential decree. Therefore, with the mediation of the Prime Minister, by the decree of the President of the Republic, the awarding is taking place, ”said Jemma Hakobyan.

In fact, Nikol Pashinyan did not fade away, and that little authority reserved for the president of the republic, which had disappeared from the eyes of his adviser, sought to "recover" during that solemn ceremony.