» The Ramiks and Indians will serve in the army

The Ramiks and Indians will serve in the army

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Hayk Sargsyan, a member of the National Assembly's "My Step" faction, proposes to pass a law on military service in an accelerated procedure, according to which a citizen should pay 10 million drams to the state budget and serve in the army for only one month instead of two years.

It is noted that the adoption of the package of projects is expected to stop or minimize the number of citizens emigrating from Armenia to avoid compulsory military service.
"Many young people who move to Armenia will return with their family members, bring with them money, buy homes, work and create new jobs in their homeland," the bill says.

If this bill becomes law, the Armenian army will eventually become a worker-peasant. That is to say, even middle-class families who are more or less able and able to pay that amount will not be serving in the army.

The amount offered to pay for the service does not amount to a salary of about two years for the average hired laborer. In fact, for two years in the army, it is proposed to pay 416,000 drams a month for two years and get rid of the army. According to Hayk Sargsyan, this sum is enough to pay two contract employees for two years.