» If you look closely, it is obvious: Marutyan

If you look closely, it is obvious: Marutyan

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Davit Khajakyan, head of the Luys Faction in Yerevan City Council, reflected on Hayk Marutyan's recent statement on his Facebook page. “Hayk Marutyan has publicly disseminated his disinformation. Shows the document claiming to be signed by Hrachya Sargsyan refuting my claim. If you look closely, you can see clearly in the paper that he has shown that Marutyun, and the site is just right now - Hayk Marutyan. "

We had earlier reported that Yerevan mayor Hayk Marutyan, in a Facebook message, referred to media reports that Megamall owned by Samvel Alexanyan had issued a final act in exchange for 3 Kamaz. "In my hands now is the graduation act, which was issued on 20.09.2018 and was signed by Kamo Areyan before I became mayor," Marutyan said.