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Alo-hello ... Anna Hakobyan is unavailable

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Azerbaijani Vice President and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva told about her dream she wants to fulfill in Artsakh. Aliyeva wrote in her telegram channel that they had only one dream - to "listen to the shabby Karabakh of Karabakh together."

Shikesten is one of the types of Azerbaijani mugam music.
After this noisy announcement by Mehriban, there is a silence at the first lady of Armenia, who has been proclaimed ambassador of peace, and recently given a new mission, visits the front line and justifies it with her care. "The Armenian army is under the care and attention of the whole nation, and as a part of the people, I visit our soldiers whenever possible," I answered yesterday's question as to why I visited the posts.

It turns out that there are "questions" about this visit as well. Now I don't understand whether to go, go, go anywhere, go, do or not do anything. Can only beauty salons, clothes and shoes, and of course, I have to go to gold shops, participate in baptisms and tourist visits. Twice a year I have to go to a resort country with my friends.