» Nicholas Mel and the Naim Turks

Nicholas Mel and the Naim Turks

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Nikol Pashinyan enthusiastically defended Meline Daluzyan, who is now a heavyweight.

At first, Nicole was a bit embarrassed that we had paid for only a part of the Mel's story of sexual transformation, but then she did not face the confrontation, opened up and presented a heartbreaking story from the podium.

Human rights protection is a good thing, but interestingly, except for his narrow circle of sexual minorities, Pashinyan is not concerned about protecting the rights of other sections of our society. See why this is so. Do the external proponents of the revolution demand such an enthusiasm for Nikol on the issue of minorities or is it his personal impulse? It's hard to say. Maybe after a conversation with an Armenian waiter at a Paris hotel, did he become a sex warrior? Who knows?

20 million AMD has been allocated from the state budget for the film "Mel".

It is noteworthy that another film was shot in Turkey during the same period. Again about the weightlifter. It is about legendary athlete, multiple world and Olympic champion, world record leader, 56kg Naim Suleymanoglu. What does Turkey preach and what does "velvet" Armenia preach? The contrast is striking.