» Who and how failed this year's All-Armenian Fundraising?

Who and how failed this year's All-Armenian Fundraising?

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During the 2019 fundraising of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund's telethon, approximately $ 9,856,000 was raised. During the Telethon-2008, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund donated $ 11 million 109 thousand 633 dollars. 2017 During the telethon it raised $ 12.505.456 million.

In general, this year's fundraising is much smaller than in previous years, and it has some objective reasons. After the velvet revolution, Prime Minister Pashinyan took every opportunity and opportunity to speak about the unification of the Diaspora around Armenia and the need to generate all-Armenian potential. Of course, these are welcome calls, but it must be stated that the words of the Prime Minister did not go beyond good toil.
What has the Pashinyan government done in the past year and a half to win the trust of the Diaspora? It is understandable that you simply will not gain that confidence by removing the old thieves and robbing them. At first Pashinyan shut down the Ministry of Diaspora, and before that Minister Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, it can be said, did not stand out except for the same kind of toast statements. Let us remind that the latter was preparing for large-scale immigration, but was later forced to admit that the Diaspora does not share its enthusiasm for the issue.