» Hranush Hakobyan will demand a copyright from Nikol Pashinyan

Hranush Hakobyan will demand a copyright from Nikol Pashinyan

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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called on all Armenians around the world to donate 10,000 drams to the fund and create a pan-Armenian budget during the Pan-Armenian Telethon. "To say the least, if we need $ 1,000, then we need to find not one person who will give us this $ 1000, but we must find 1000 who will give us $ 1," Pashinyan said.

According to him, if at least half of the 10 million Armenians living in the world - $ 5 million a month or $ 200 a year - transfers to Armenia, we will have a powerful pan-Armenian budget. He suggests doing so through a "challenge." Everyone starts transferring 10,000 drams, challenges another three, those three challenge another three, and so on. Pashinyan noted that he would automatically transfer 10,000 drams from his salary each month to his fund and challenged Serge Tankian, Kim Kardashian and Alexis Ohanyan, calling for about $ 20 a month.

If you remember, former Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan once called on Diaspora Armenians to each invest $ 1,000 in Armenian banks so that the banking capital of Armenia would grow, both the state and the economy would benefit, and so did our partners. “Criticism is the easiest thing. Why are our compatriots leaving? If they have high salaries, they will not leave. So be kind, help our economy grow here, and people will not go away, "the minister said in response to criticism of the world-renowned musician Serj Tankian.