» The son of "Disgrace Aro" has been acquitted

The son of "Disgrace Aro" has been acquitted

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At the Yerevan Court of First Instance, presided over by Gagik Poghosyan, on November 26, the verdict in the case of Ara Vardanyan's son, known as "Zvchv Aro", announced his sentence, and Serge Vardanyan was acquitted.

“I had solicited myself at the stage of arguments to be justified. They did not objectively do anything they did not qualify as hooliganism. The court did a thorough investigation, checked all the possible arguments, all the episodes in the criminal case, and even ordered additional expertise. As a result of the investigation, everyone was convinced that nothing had been done by those children, "said Vardanyan's advocate Manvel Grigoryan.