» The church refused to baptize a huge baby

The church refused to baptize a huge baby

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A clergyman in the Russian city of Kurgan has refused to baptize a baby with a huge moth, saying he fears being infected. The parents said that before the baptism, they had shown the priest a picture of the child showing a mole covering 80% of his body. The priest refused to baptize him with everyone, saying that other parents would be against it, in addition there may be a risk of infection. In the church, parents were offered individual baptism, which, however, is more expensive - 4000 rubles. The parents have decided that spending so much money on baptism makes no sense.

     When they posted this story online, they were contacted by the church asking not to be named, explaining that it was against God. "At that time, I realized that all this was just divinity," the mother of the child said.