» “My Armenian Neighbor Made Tasty” Azerbaijani journalists' impressions from Artsakh

“My Armenian Neighbor Made Tasty” Azerbaijani journalists' impressions from Artsakh

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Three Azerbaijani journalists visited Armenia and Artsakh on November 17-21. President of the Artsakh Union of Journalists Kim Gabrielyan told Sputnik Armenia how the Azeris felt in Stepanakert and Shushi.

YEREVAN, November 24 - Sputnik. Trotskyist journalists from Azerbaijan and Armenia on November 17-21 paid mirror visits to each other's countries. Azerbaijani journalists spent a day in Stepanakert and Shushi. Now that the visits are over, both sides are starting to talk about their impressions.

Sputnik Armenia had earlier published the impressions of the Armenian delegation, analyst Artyom Yerkanyan, who visited Baku and Gandzak. Speaking to Sputnik Armenia about the visit of Azerbaijani journalists to Artsakh, President of the Union of Journalists of Artsakh Kim Gabrielyan, who was part of a group of supporters of Azerbaijani colleagues, expressed his impressions.

“We have been in touch with each other for half a day with a pre-designed itinerary. There was an impression that they were looking more deeply into the problems between our two peoples than we usually see in the Azerbaijani press, ”Gabrielyan says.

Three Azerbaijani journalists - chief editor of Trend news agency Elchin Valiyev, 1news.az journalist Elshan Rustamov and Vestnik Kafkaza in Azerbaijan correspondent Orhan Yolchev first visited Shushi, then Stepanakert. According to Gabrielyan, reporters were amazed that life was booming. New buildings and facilities are being built in the cities, and young people are walking the streets.