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Charges against Levon Ter-Petrosyan What's happening

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Nikol Pashinyan's statement at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community at the Armenian Forty-eighth Session in Milan that a leader who does not have confidence in the people, a country independent of individuals, is bad for the country, just as all leaders were bad for 1996- Since the government took over power without trust of the people and tried to maintain that power, it has caused quite a stir, especially in the ANC.

Asked how they evaluate Pashinyan's words, ANC Vice-President Levon Zurabyan pointed to Harut Uloyan's post, stating that he had nothing to add (Uloyan harshly criticized Pashinyan's statement, eventually raising a rhetorical question of "if" "evil" who was the evil one, but who would want to make the most of the evil one the president in that case? ").

It is noteworthy that during a recent meeting with representatives of Russian media Nikol Pashinyan stated in response to a question by Marina Perevozkina, a journalist with the Moscow Komsomolets newspaper, about the relationship between him and Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

“… In 2012, we broke all political ties… And in fact I have neither ideological, organizational, nor political ties with Ter-Petrosyan. No connection at all. And I don't even have one now. "

At the same time, it is quite interesting to see the references of Nikol Pashinyan's Milan statement to Vladimir Karapetyan, who is an integral part of the ruling team, and Hovik Aghazaryan, a stalwart.