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Zhoghovurd. The team is disappointed

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Zhoghovurd daily writes: "Third President Serzh Sargsyan has recently become active, even talking about his possible detention. According to Zhoghovurd daily, RPA is discussing S. Sargsyan's unfulfilled promises.

They have no explanation as to why he announced he would give Vigen Sargsyan the RPA seat, but he did not do so. The team is also disappointed that S. Sargsyan had promised that he would be the Prime Minister of Armenia, but he did not fulfill that promise. Now it is reported that he had a direct connection with Nikol Pashinyan. Why did Serzh Sargsyan's office suddenly make a special statement that S. Sargsyan Has Never Met With N. With Pashinyan.

Hrachya Hakobyan, a member of My Step faction, told Zhoghovurd daily: "They just lack attention, once again trying to link their name to Nikol Pashinyan's name. Each time they will make a heartbreaking statement about being tried, arrested… They are definitely rejected. They still talk about it and say that we can be the only opposition to today's authorities, here they say 'yes, really?'