» Tsarukyan "shamed" in Moscow "My move" - PAP battles await

Tsarukyan "shamed" in Moscow "My move" - PAP battles await

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Hraparak daily writes: “Gagik Tsarukyan has recently been invited to Moscow for meetings with political circles. He did not stay long, only 1-2 days, and has returned yesterday.

Our Moscow sources say that the purpose of the visit was to "shake" Tsarukyan and the PAP, as the "My step" - PAP relations have intensified lately, especially in parliament, and big budget battles await in the near future.

The Russians have again made it clear that a radical opposition must be formed in Armenia, and the PAP is the most appropriate force they are ready to support.

According to the official statement of the visit, at the invitation of the head of the Russian State Duma's ruling "Yedinaya Rossiya" faction Sergey Neverov, the delegation headed by Gagik Tsarukyan was in Moscow, where he participated in the Inter-Parliamentary Partnership for CIS Fractions and Alliances Framework Partnership. :