» Since January 1, the commodity prices will rise

Since January 1, the commodity prices will rise

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"Fact" newspaper writes: “In the case of 699 goods imported from third countries from January 1, 2020, the EEU customs rates will be applied, which implies inflation of these products. It is obvious that there are products whose price increase will not hit the consumers' pockets.

You don't buy a musical instrument, furniture or equipment every day, but worry that the expected inflation from January will also affect essentials.

For example, in the case of imported poultry from non-EEU countries, frozen cattle, the customs duty will increase to 2.5-3, in the case of dairy products and butter - 2, margarine - 12, rice - 3, sunflower oil - 2, building material and By 3 percent.

There will also be an increase in imports of drugs from third countries. Imported pharmaceuticals, medicines and antibiotics will increase by 2-4%.