» Konstantin Zatulin is not the "godfather" of Vernatan

Konstantin Zatulin is not the "godfather" of Vernatan

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The first meeting of the Vernatun Public-Political Club, founded by Vazgen Manukyan, the former Chairman of the Public Council, was held last week, attended by public, political and cultural figures. Although representatives of different poles came together, they were united by one thing: they were dissatisfied with the authorities and the situation in the country concerned and the possible developments.

It is noteworthy that Konstantin Zatulin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs of the Russian State Duma, Eurasian Integration and Compatriots, also attended the session, which did not miss the attention of many. People have even started to call him Vernatan's godfather on social media, and some have wondered why a large number of pro-Western figures and liberals have come up with K.V. Zatulin:

However, the reality is quite different. According to the information of "Iravunk" K. Zatulin is not enthusiastic about Vernatn, moreover he is not impressed with the content of the rally. In fact, "Vernatun" is trying to get behind what has been a year-long "Lazarian" club, with a really big future for K.V. Zatulin: In fact, the Vernatun will try to overshadow the activities of the Lazaryan club, with only one month left until the next session. In this case, there was nothing left to do. To remind Zatulin, at least in his presence, that what they have been thinking about today is what they are. Manukyan and his supporters initiated it a year ago. K. Zatulin's participation was conditioned by one more circumstance.

It turns out that some of the contingent of the Lazaryan club were also in a hurry to get to Vernatan. Therefore, it was left to find out whether it is possible to carry out the activities of these two clubs at the same time, whether they will be from the competition or they will repeat each other with the same faces and the same content.

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