» Will the Russian army enter Artsakh?

Will the Russian army enter Artsakh?

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Russian analyst Stanislav Tarasov put into circulation one interesting idea related to Artsakh. Taking into account the heated events in Georgia and Iran, Tarasov puts forward the view that this can cause serious problems for both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Therefore, according to the analyst. "There is no doubt that the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia are well positioned in the current situation and see a corridor of opportunities for joint cooperation. It is no coincidence that Baku quietly accepted Russia's decision to strengthen its military base in Gyumri.

However, the path to the dialogue between Azerbaijan and Armenia is the unsettled Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which may gain other outlines and characteristics in the event of the start of destructive scenarios in the region. It may happen that both sides are interested in the presence of Russian troops in Stepanakert for more important reasons than the conflict. But it will largely depend on what position Moscow will take. "

How realistic is this scenario? Here, let's not forget the fact that Tarasov is well known as an analyst of his own in the upper Moscow circle, so his ideas, however fantastic they may seem at first glance, must be taken seriously.