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Our Father that you are not Nicole

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"We preach love, we are in the church, I myself, as our Lord Jesus Christ preached love, but when the time came, he entered the temple area and turned the tables, saying that you have made this temple of holiness a trade and a pillar. environment: Even Jesus Christ entered the temple and turned the tables where the sacred ones were profaned, ”Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community at the Armenian Apostolic Church of Forty-eighths.

Of course, it's hard to say what those present felt like comparing Pashinyan to Jesus, but Pashinyan, shortly after, in response to the lady demanding his resignation, denied himself. “The hate speech is constantly being spoken about, and who is leading the hate speech? If there were authorities in Armenia whose only feeling of hatred is the people, what is my fault? Who do we call hatred? On the contrary, our revolution was a revolution of love and solidarity, "Pashinyan said and continued.

If by state institution you mean corruption, yes, the institute is destroyed and crushed, and the backbone of that institute is broken in the Republic of Armenia. If by hatred you mean our claim that the stolen money will be returned to the last, yes, it will be returned.