» Armenian woman demands Pashinyan's resignation in Milan Prime Minister's response

Armenian woman demands Pashinyan's resignation in Milan Prime Minister's response

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The head of government Nikol Pashinyan met with the Armenian community of Milan to answer the questions about the republic's domestic and foreign policy.

YEREVAN, November 20 - Sputnik. Some well-known corrupt people are now hiding out of justice in Italy. But let no one hope that they will not be caught. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Milan today.

"I don't know which Vatican basements are hiding, but rest assured that we will catch their necks and hold them accountable," Pashinyan promised.
Most likely, the prime minister hinted to Mikayel Minasyan, Armenia's former ambassador to the Vatican, Serzh Sargsyan's son-in-law.

Minasyan has been abroad for a long time, a criminal case may be brought against him in Armenia for illegal appropriation of the strategic object.

During the event, a woman doctor by profession declared in a rather harsh tone the propaganda of hatred in Armenia, accusing the incumbent authorities of conducting a destructive foreign and domestic policy, as well as demanding the resignation of Pashinyan and the entire government.
There was a bit of a stir, with attendees saying they disagreed with him. The woman left after expressing her anger. His behavior did not confuse the Prime Minister at all. He only advised to listen to his answer before leaving.

The Prime Minister noted that hate speech propaganda is constantly spoken in Armenia, but the reasons for that hatred need to be clarified.

According to Pashinyan, if there has been a government in Armenia for a long time that people have only hated, then it is unclear what he and his government have to do with it.

“We have never called for hatred. In the days of the revolution, our motto was love and solidarity, ”he recalled.

As for foreign policy, particularly the Karabakh issue, the Prime Minister asked what was the strategy of Robert Kocharyan and Serge Sargsyan, didn't their policy of handing over to Meghri?