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Gagik Tsarukyan, his relatives and Multi Group concern also participate in foreign companies. Let us remind you that in Multi Group 2002-2007 C. Tsarukyan co-owned the Fortex Investments Group, a company registered in November 2000 in Oregon, USA, which is not currently operating. Fortex has previously participated in Zvartnots Handling CJSC and Multi Rest House LLC.

"Quantum Omega"

The MP is involved in several Russian companies. "Quantum Omega" LLC ("Kwantononor Omega") was founded in January 2003 in Moscow, at 12/28 Parkovaya 7th Street (a multi-apartment building). The fields of activity varied: wholesale and retail trade, service provision, travel agencies, libraries, archives and club-type establishments, publishing, advertising, leisure and entertainment, etc., but the main type was gambling. About 20 thousand 51% of the LLC with charter capital was G. Tsarukyan and Gagik Samvelyan (16.6%), Suren Shahgeldyan (16.2%) and Gor Kabzimanyan (16.2%) were the partners. The General Director was Bagrat Zirkinov. Shahgeldyan and Kabzimanyan set up similar companies in Armenia, such as "Columbus Empire Empire" (2006, Mr. Jrvezh, organizing games of chance, liquidated) and "King Garden" (2011, Yerevan, Sayat-Nova). 40, leisure activities in amusement parks and parks, is a family entertainment center with a restaurant and a children's playroom).

Quantum Omega has previously also been a shareholder in Tandem Plus LLC (Tandem Plus), a Moscow-based gambling organization that was liquidated in 2010 by a court order. In September 2014, "Quantum Omega" was removed from the unified state register of legal entities of the Russian Federation by law. The company has not submitted any financial statements in the past year and has not performed any bank operations. Interestingly, however, in 2017, when the LLC had been removed from the Russian Register for three years, Tsarukyan, a re-elected MP, also represented (51%) of his shares (in the declaration of office) and later (2017) in the statement) stated that the share was alienated that year.

"Firm" TQV "

LLC ("Firm" TychyZ ") was founded in February 2003. It can be assumed that the name originated from the abbreviated Russian name" Tikhiv ". It is registered in the multi-apartment building at 14 Moscow 26 Commissariat in Baku (the legal address is Moscow's Novoslobodskaya 2, where the subway station is the same). There are different types of activities: wholesale and retail trade, wholesale agent activities, restaurant and cafe services, advertising agencies, real estate activities, etc., but the main type is additional business support activities.

Tsarukyan 54 thousand 50% of the company with a statutory capital of the ruble has become a shareholder in 2018. The other owner is Monika Kloyan from Yerevan, who was the sole shareholder before Tsarukyan's entry, and has previously shared the capital with Elchin Binyaguyev in 50-50 proportions. The CEO of LLC is Yuri Grishankin. In 2017, according to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, the company had no income and the expenditure was 494 thousand. ruble.

"Shustav Partnership" Trading House "

In July 2008, "Shustov Partnership" Trading House LLC was founded in Moscow ("Torgovy Dom" Freight Forwarding "). Among Tsarukyan's Armenian businesses, we note that Shustov Trading House CJSC was registered in Yerevan in June 2008, 50% of which is owned by a business deputy. The two companies are, so to speak, twins. At the time of their creation, it became known that the founders were Tsarukyan and the Russian OST Group of Companies. Both the Armenian businessman and the founder of OST Vladimir Pekarev noted that the goal is to continue the Shustov tradition of brandy production. Igor Zargaryan from Yerevan, who was the general director of Moscow LLC, said that the brandy will be produced by Ararat plant, and the OST will carry out the main work of its presentation in the Russian market, and will be used by both parties for third country markets. potential.

The charter capital of "Shustov Partnership" Trading House LLC registered at 65 Nizhnyaya Pervomayskaya Moscow, Moscow, was 10 thousand. 50% of which was owned by G. To Tsarukyan, 25 to Iya Pekareva, 12.5 to Arthur Ohanyan and Igor Zargaryan (who was adviser to Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan from 2012-2014, one of the co-founders of the National Agenda Party). The areas of activity were wholesale beverage trading, advertising agency activity, market research and public opinion research, but the main areas were food, beverage and tobacco trade.