» "All of you are scared, Alan Jan, scared every hour. Artak Zakaryan to Alen Simonyan

"All of you are scared, Alan Jan, scared every hour. Artak Zakaryan to Alen Simonyan

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There is a ghost in our country, the ghost of populism. And in this context, Alain Simonyan has tried to say his "authoritative word" as if in response to Serzh Sargsyan. Former Deputy Defense Minister, RPA member Artak Zakaryan wrote about it on his Facebook page.

In particular, he noted: "Alan jan, I don't know if I'm right about your post or not. Because it may not have been necessary to reflect on the words that were sombre, upside down, but as long as you remember a high-ranking government official, he would have to. Especially when you, as co-chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Committee, praise the EEU during your next meeting with the Russians.

If, as you say, Serzh Sargsyan has managed to get into the EEU "in one night" in complex international relations and also to have the EUAF (hopefully you know what the abbreviation is), then you only have to learn real country thinking from a state-political figure.

However, your government should start thinking today what legacy it will leave to the next one. Imagine for a moment what you and your team-mates are going to do when the youths who have never put a stone on the wall of a state - populist and irresponsible - talk about you. By the way, keep in mind that many people have already started talking aloud about your team's qualities, and can you imagine that the opportunities for contentment have quickly run out and the time has come to face the grievances? This should scare you.

When it comes to fear, all of you are scared, Alan Jan, you are scared every hour, it is enough that you have been so "sad". Fear is a sign of maturity, intelligence, and strength. And in politics, along with courage, heroism, determination and wisdom, fears also force us to think and act for a better future.

Personally, I am afraid that the fate of Artsakh and the security of Armenia is also in the hands of a man who is known to the public to date for his sole idea of ​​legalizing marijuana.

H. c. With all due respect to you and to each and every person. "