» ARF to take appropriate actions and initiatives: message:

ARF to take appropriate actions and initiatives: message:

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At the invitation of the ARF-D Supreme Body of Armenia, the Aram Manukyan Center hosted an extended conference of the ARF-D organizational structure in Armenia. The agenda included examining the country's political, socio-economic and moral-psychological situation, assessing internal and external challenges, clarifying the party's further tactical steps.

Reflecting on the policies and current developments of the Armenian authorities in the period following the change of power, the conference noted that the democratic approaches of the authorities, the deepening differences between the goals of the people's movement and the policies pursued by the government, the weakening of the positions of Armenia and Artsakh in the Artsakh negotiations, the commanding officer of the Armenian Armed Forces, , lack of strategic plans, lack of action and behavior ateseliutyune, alien agendas of commitment, national and state interests prevail personal and group ambitions, denial of dissent, discretionary approach guided by the system of public administration, personnel failed policy, the promotion of a culture of violence have created serious challenges for the country's sustainable development.

Summarizing the results of the consultation, the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia will soon take appropriate actions and initiatives aimed at ensuring the normal development of the country.

ARF Supreme Body of Armenia