» "False". The brother of the lieutenant colonel responds to the report of the Penitentiary

"False". The brother of the lieutenant colonel responds to the report of the Penitentiary

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False: This is how Karen Mkhitaryan's brother, Karen Mkhitaryan, the brother of Lieutenant Colonel Ara Mkhitaryan, who was brutally beaten two months ago, responded to a report by the Investigative Committee of former governor Trdat Sargsyan not to be on the scene.

"If the words of the four officers do not pass the law, then this investigation committee will melt into this Armenian law as well. Let them move by their law, we by our law. The officers even talked to the governor standing by, he was present and did not prevent a scuffle, ”the lieutenant colonel's brother said, stressing that all four officers who had witnessed the incident had testified that the governor was at the scene.

The lieutenant colonel's brother, who has been in a coma for two months, said former governor Trdat Sargsyan had never been interested in his brother's health.

Karen Mkhitaryan said that just two months after the incident, there was no change in his brother's condition, it remains extremely severe.

We have previously reported that the CC stated that former governor of Vayots Dzor province Trdat Sargsyan will be appointed in 2019. There was no witness to the dispute on September 17, no one was present at the scene.

Let us remind that Lieutenant Colonel Ara Mkhitaryan was brutally beaten on September 18 in Vayots Dzor city of Yeghegnadzor. Harutyun Grigoryan, an assistant to the former governor of Vayots Dzor, has been charged in the case. Later, Zaven Grigoryan's brother, Zaven Grigoryan, was also indicted. Both are in custody. The Investigative Committee also seized surveillance cameras to check the involvement of Governor Trdat Sargsyan in the incident.

A week after the incident, Trdat Sargsyan resigned as Vayots Dzor governor.