» Hraparak. They entered the orphanage and the children were picked. Details of the NSS scandal reported

Hraparak. They entered the orphanage and the children were picked. Details of the NSS scandal reported

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Hraparak. They entered the orphanage and the children ...
Hraparak daily writes: "Italian citizens in Armenia have adopted more than 30 children in gross violation of the laws of our country; This message, spread by national security, was blazingly fast and triggered a heated debate. The NSS said in a statement that two RA citizens, illegally using their contacts in one of the republican midwifery institutions, including a number of RA departments and orphanages, had illegally organized child adoptions.

Later in the press, it was reported that the "Yerevan Children's Home" and "Gyumri Children's Home" SNCOs and the Institute of Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology (Republican Maternity Hospital) participated in the process.

We have received new information from this scandalous case. According to reports, the Italians, who were presented as translators, were free to enter orphanages and choose from many children, which is prohibited.

We contacted the principals of orphanages to hear their views on this case.

Payman Valesyan, acting acting Gyumri orphanage SNCO, hearing the question, said he was not aware of the matter at all, then added that orphanages did not participate in the adoption process; “SNCO does not participate in the adoption process. I am not aware SNCOs deal only with child care. We are not aware of this criminal case. ”

Liana Karapetyan, Director of Yerevan Children Home SNCO, said: “Orphanages are generally not included in the adoption process. I don't even know who the NSS meant. "
As for access to translators, Liana Karapetyan said: “If they are authorized by the adopter, they have the right, they are not considered a third party. How would a foreigner enter without a translator? "

Asked if there were any cases when they came and tried to make a choice from the children, the director of the orphanage gave a negative answer.

The lady declined to answer other questions, saying that the ministry had instructed them not to give interviews without informing them.
We also tried to contact Razmik Abrahamyan, Director of the Republican Maternity Hospital, but his phone number was disconnected. Earlier, Abrahamyan told reporters that the information that their maternity hospital had participated in illegal adoptions was not true. "