» Maybe the dogs have been" helped "into the area?"

Maybe the dogs have been" helped "into the area?"

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I urge law enforcement to immediately deal with the decline of kangaroos. Naira Zohrabyan wrote about it on her Facebook page.

"The zoo's press service reports that wandering dogs entered the zoo and attacked three kangaroos, resulting in a decline in kangaroos. The reason, according to the Zoo, was the lack of a fence, which was to be provided by the Municipality of Yerevan. A zoo employee or volunteer was "justified" or that the dogs were not harmed so that they would not be tried by a new law.
So that's it. Likewise 1 - The law does not provide for any punishment for self-defense and at least the zoo staff should know that. If he does not know, it is not clear what he is doing there.

Likeback 2. Your behavior is becoming increasingly dubious, and we will be keeping a close eye on the Zoo and trying to figure out what is really going on in that park and where the serious grants it receives and how it is spent.
And in general, I still have to find out how dogs got into the area. And maybe the dogs were "helped" to enter the area to receive "euro compensation" for the kangaroos that later declined? I hope that there will be no trouble at the Zoo cameras during this time, because we will deal with this issue thoroughly.
I also urge the mayor to instruct the relevant body to study the "light" and "shadow" of the Zoo. So much at this moment, "he wrote.