» "On October 27, the 100-member Russian Alfa unit came to destroy Hunanyan's group." Gagik Melkonyan

"On October 27, the 100-member Russian Alfa unit came to destroy Hunanyan's group." Gagik Melkonyan

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Former Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Gagik Melkonyan, referring to former President Serzh Sargsyan's statement on Factor TV, that if the people arrested will be satisfied and happy, let them be arrested. "It seems to me that he is in imminent danger of being arrested," he said. March 1 is the continuation of October 27. If it is already open on October 27, many people will be arrested. I can't say why it is worded that way, but it is very good if the people want to be happy and happy. ”

Touching upon the events of October 27, Melkonyan said that he was the commander of the Armavir Defense Center at that time.

“I came to the Ministry of Defense, the minister was not there, the deputies and the chiefs of staff were in a very messy situation, nobody knew what to do. There were suspicions that supporters might be in the areas that could enter the city. For this reason, it was decided to close down the entrances to the city. I was ordered to close the airport from Argavand. We closed all entrances to the airport. They were expecting some subversive groups to enter the airport, ”he said.

Then, according to Melkonyan, a group of about 100 Russian Alfa troops arrived in Armenia. According to Melkonyan, he did not allow the group to come forward, contacted former Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan, who dispatched military police vehicles, and transferred the Alpha group to the Military Police. Meanwhile, Robert Kocharyan had sent cars for Alpha to go to the National Assembly.

“Alpha didn't reach the National Assembly, we took them to the Military Police. Gasparyan Vova went with their leadership after the National Assembly. I already knew that Alpha had come to destroy the perpetrators and all the traces to be removed. Then at dawn we drove to Alpha. They realized that there was nothing to do, ”Melkonyan said.

During the air, he said that Nairi Hunanyan's band were the performers and the organizers were out of the game.

"If the case had been opened, the organizers would have been revealed, it would not have been March 1," he said.

Referring to the recent events surrounding Nairi Hunanyan, Melkonyan said: “We have to be very careful. Nairi Hunanyan can give names so that everyone mixes. "

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