» The 6th board is in Avinyan's advisor brother's company

The 6th board is in Avinyan's advisor brother's company

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The 6th department of the RA Police conducts inspections at the “Eloyan Architects” company of Zareh Eloyan, brother of Avetik Eloyan, Advisor to the RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan. The police told LURER.com the information.

"Publications are being monitored on the basis of publications," said Zarzand Gabrielyan, head of the Police's PR and Media Department.

Former head of the cadastre committee Sarhat Petrosyan, who recently resigned, announced that the deputy prime minister's adviser Avetik Eloyan said in 2012 that the Together with his brother Zareh Eloyan, Eloyan Architects has launched a design organization in the US, the official website of which has only one apartment interior design in Armenia. Petrosyan noted that Eloyan Architects is involved in a number of other projects.

Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan said in an interview that he is well aware that Eloyan is going to sue Petrosyan over his statements.