31-01-2020, 17:43
There is a snowstorm in Amasia and Ashotsk regions of Shirak region at present. Heavy snowfall in the early evening is accompanied by strong winds, the height of the snow layer at this time reaching about 20 cm.

Ashotsk Road Construction Company told kayqer.ru that all roads in the northern regions are impassable, snow clearing is underway, 24-hour duty has been set.
31-01-2020, 17:28
The roof of the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex has collapsed in St. Petersburg, RIA Novosti reports citing a statement issued by the RF Department of Emergency Situations. An emergency happened during the dismantling of the building.

Workers may be left under the rubble. The total area of collapse can be 25-28 thousand square meters. 68 rescuers and 18 units of equipment are working at the scene.
31-01-2020, 17:13
The management of the Artik penitentiary has launched a fight against the "criminals", creating unbearable conditions for them. And "thieves" oppose "administration", sometimes reaching extreme forms of protest. Recently Karen Karapetyan, 39, sentenced to a hunger strike and a water strike. In this way, he is protesting against the decision of Arman Melkonyan, head of the Artik Penitentiary, to move him from a shack to his shack. We learned about this from Karen Karapetyan's friends.

Other people were kept in the same room with Karen Karapetyan. They are all transported.

Karen Karapetyan was kept in the cell of "thieves" in "Artik" penitentiary where the inmates, by their own means and means, created more comfortable, comfortable conditions and renovated the room.

By the way, when talking about the latter, they do not use the word cell.

On the wall of this room there was an octagonal star, "Vosmikoneknik", which is considered one of the symbols of the criminal world. The head of the prison has ordered to remove "Vosmikoneknik" from Karen Karapetyan's wall.

It should be reminded that on November 19 the National Assembly adopted in the first reading the draft law on Amending the Criminal Code, which is conventionally called the Draft Law on Thieves.

It is no secret that the cells of criminal authorities, “thieves” in our prisons, or their assigned places in common cells have always been favorably different from others. In particular, the places where "thieves" live are carpeted. If the point is about a common will, the farther the prisoner is asleep, the greater his "respect".

These privileges also disappear within the framework of the fight against criminal subculture.

Karen Karapetyan, convicted of "Artik" penitentiary, has been in prison since 2010. He was convicted of robbery, aggravated robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon and use of a weapon, and is still facing two years in prison.

What is happening at Artik? Why is Karen Karapetyan going on a hunger strike? Forrights.am turned to Correctional Service Press Officer Nona Navikyan for a response.

“Karen Karapetyan, a convict of the Artik Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, has declared a hunger strike since January 29 and has been on a hunger strike until now. He demands to be left alone, citing health problems. But according to the doctor's opinion at the Artik Penitentiary, the latter has no health problems. " Navikyan said that Karapetyan had also refused water.
31-01-2020, 16:34
Today Bella Kocharyan turns 66 years old.

Robert Kocharyan's daughter Gayane congratulated her mother Bella Kocharyan on her birthday on her Instagram page.

“The most gentle spirit I have known and the most kind heart I have known. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you to the moon and beyond ... ", he wrote.
31-01-2020, 16:04
Flu epidemic spreads in the Czech Republic, 1865 out of every 100,000 citizens are sick and 12 have already died of the disease.

This was reported by RIA Novosti, referring to the head of the Czech Hygienic Service Eva Gotvaldova. “According to the State Health Institute, the flu epidemic is widespread throughout the country. Mostly, the A-type flu is prevalent. 1865 out of every 100,000 citizens are registered as sick, including children and the elderly. Twelve people have died as a result of the flu.

Compared to last week, the number of patients has tripled, "Gottwaldova said. The head of the Hygiene Service has appealed to the citizens, urging them not to leave the house if they have symptoms of the disease so that the infection will not spread. "I urge citizens these days to avoid crowded areas, to wash their hands frequently, to consume more vitamins in food," Gotvaldova said.

Many Czech hospitals are banned from visiting hospitalized persons because of the flu epidemic, and several children's facilities are closed.
31-01-2020, 15:54
A 9-year-old boy stole his father's car and went to school in Mogilev, Belarus.

According to Kanal 24, security cameras fixed the theft, so it was easy to identify the thief.

It turned out that the driver of the car was the son of the owner of the car.
31-01-2020, 15:29
The Court of Appeal in the Shengavit District Criminal Court of Appeal, presided by Judge Andranik Mnatsakanyan, is considering an appeal against the arrest of Razmik Abrahamyan by the Prosecutor's Office against a first-instance court ruling.

Mothers who lost their children due to illegal adoptions gathered at the court building on the initiative of Haykuhi Khachatryan. “It is very important for Razmik Abrahamyan to be healthy and healthy and to tell the whereabouts of our children. We have come to the court to see that the facts are not only written but also that they are walking and making a fair decision. Our children are being sold, stolen and disappear, isn't it?

We will try many ways of struggle, we will do our best to at least find our children, and the other missing children will find their mothers, ”Haykuhi Khachatryan told reporters.
31-01-2020, 15:21
After becoming a mother, singer Silva Hakobyan actively publishes photos and videos of her daughter, not hiding her from her followers. And the blue-eyed beauty with round bushes is loved by all the singer's followers.

Silva has released a new video featuring her daughter.
31-01-2020, 15:08
Social Security Service iPress.am informs that the process of payment of pensions for February 2020 will start from February 3.
31-01-2020, 15:01
The roof of the St. Petersburg Sport and Concert Complex collapsed during the dismantling works in St. Petersburg. Interfax reports. It is noted that there may be workers in the ruins.