31-07-2020, 20:06
I recently returned from the Martuni region, where I had a busy work schedule. Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"During the meeting of the community leaders of the region, in addition to the main issues, I also referred to the statement made by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Ali about our Republic yesterday, which condensed the rhetoric of the whole region during his rule. "It was possible not to respond to it, but in our native land, in a conversation with the cultivator and defender of that land, I once again reaffirmed what we think, what we live for, for what we are ready to fight forever," the Artsakh President said.

Arayik Harutyunyan, in particular, stressed that the rhetoric of political and military blackmail with the government and people of Artsakh is fraught with irreversible consequences and a humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

"The Defense Army, with the unconditional support of the Armenian people, is ready not only to defend our territorial integrity and the security of the people, but also, if necessary, to liberate the occupied territories of the Artsakh Republic," Arayik Harutyunyan said. The statements are baseless.

The President of Artsakh promised to address the results of the working day tomorrow.
31-07-2020, 20:01
"Trust in Azerbaijan, fear in Armenia" ․ Turkish press about Nakhichevan military exercises
31-07-2020, 19:42
A high-speed train crashed in Portugal. This was reported by Lusa agency. The accident took place in Coimbra district. It is stated that the train derailed after colliding with a car carrying out road repairs. At least one person was killed and another 37 were injured.

7 of the injured are in serious condition. There were about 280 passengers on the train. The details of the accident are not specified.
31-07-2020, 19:33
"They say that the team slides like a grain of sand under Nikol Pashinyan. On the one hand, the issue of the candidacy of a judge of the Constitutional Court, which divided "My Step" into armies. , as a potential resigning mandate, because no one, including Nikol Pashinyan, gets an absolute "prize".

In "My Walk" they are forever engaged in the sacred task of erasing his traces. With ceremonies of taking presidential girls, making voyages in an expensive car, posting "exclusive" pictures on social networks to clean up the latter's actions.
31-07-2020, 19:21
Questions that arise from a word in a note about a voice message He already listens to difficult work problems ALARM.

What should he do? When should he do it? What if he does not do it very quickly?

From Eduard Saribekyan's Facebook page
31-07-2020, 19:20
I did not imagine that I would experience the horror of Sumgait in Moscow. Erik Ananyan, a citizen who suffered from an attack by Azeris in Moscow, said this in a video published by journalist Naira Baghdasaryan.

"Eric, who suffered from the attack of the Azerbaijanis, is being treated in the maxillofacial department of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital after Inozemts. They performed jaw surgery, which was successful. The chief doctor of the department is an Armenian. He provided a separate ward for Eric and said that the patient would be discharged next week. Eric also has a concussion, a problem with the lens of his eye, his teeth are damaged. Eric is a car mechanic by profession, in a language he understands. Married: He has four children. Born in Sumgait, he was 12 years old when the massacres began. Their family moved to Armenia, then to Russia. Eric says he had no idea he would experience the horrors of Sumgait for the second time, this time in Moscow. He is terribly worried that he will not be able to go to work for a long time and that his family needs to be fed.

The investigation into Erikents' case is still ongoing. There are seven detainees, although the group that carried out the attack was about 30. Eric is worried that the criminals may not be able to escape or be released with a light sentence. He says in that case he will go to the European Court of Human Rights to prove that they did not commit hooliganism, but wanted to commit premeditated murder out of national animosity. According to him, the criminal gang should not only be punished, but also compensate for the physical and moral damage caused, because only if I restore my teeth, says Eric, I will spend a lot of money, not to mention other things. :

That is why he very much wants the lawyer dealing with their case, Narek Kostanyan, to be able to reach a fair decision and maximum compensation. Eric is also worried about the safety of himself and his family.

He once remembered and recounted what had happened to them. They write on social networks that they could not run away without falling into the hands of the gang. Eric says we could not, because at that moment the car was under a traffic light, and the traffic light in that part kept the red for about two minutes. He says if we drove, then we would have to cross a large flow of pedestrians. "
31-07-2020, 19:18
The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Ali referred to the position of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on the NK peace process and 7 points. He noted that none of the 7 conditions is acceptable for Azerbaijan. "APA" agency writes.

It is unacceptable for Ali that Azerbaijan should hold talks with the representatives of the Artsakh Republic, because, according to the President of Azerbaijan, there is no NKR.
25-06-2020, 14:27
Edmon Marukyan had meetings with the government in the new building in the center. Pastinfo

According to "Fastinfo", the head of the "Bright Armenia" faction of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Edmon Marukyan has been in discussions with the leadership of the legislative body of the ruling political force for a long time.

The meetings were regular in 2018. Starting from August, 2012, in the apartment of one of the newly built buildings in the center of Yerevan, with the possibility of standing permanently in the underground parking lot and climbing a separate elevator.

One of the NA vice-speakers also took part in the meetings, who assured that he acted with the knowledge of his party leader.

During the discussions, there was an exchange of information on the flow of funding and what sources and ways to receive money from Russian or Russian-Armenian sources and major domestic oligarchs.

The topics of discussion also included elections, political arrangements, and Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan and his financial capabilities.

We do not rule out that the parties will make denials, but we have concrete factual information about, for example, the meetings that took place in the building at the address and in whose apartment.
25-06-2020, 14:22
The deputy of "My Step" calls to sift his ...
Armen Avetisyan wrote on his Facebook page. "The MP of" My Step "calls on GOING to the professors who are undesirable for them.

Today, at the sitting of YSU Academic Council, I raised the issue of insulting the teaching community of Armenia by Lulu, a member of the "My Step" faction, from the NA tribune the previous day, and offered to give an assessment and make a condemning statement.

Let me remind you that yesterday, Lulu, from the tribune of the National Assembly, suggested to the Minister of Education, Science and Science Arayik Harutyunyan to GIVE to the lecturers who have dared to criticize the government and the Prime Minister during the distance lessons.
25-06-2020, 14:16
The head of Martuni passport died ...
Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan wrote on his Facebook page. "Today I learned with deep sorrow that the head of Martuni's passport, our beloved SARON, loved by all of us, has passed away, the cause is the ill-fated coronavirus. Life flowed from Iran, joy, friendship, warmth.

Dear Saro, a man with a capital letter and a friend, rest in peace. ”

It should be noted that the head of the Martuni passport department was Saribek Matiosyan, who underwent heart surgery last year. He was 48 years old.