30-04-2021, 13:59
Residents of the village of Aravus in the Syunik region are once again facing manifestations of Azerbaijani hatred of Armenians. Even after the enemy dragged the shepherd of the village, he continued the provocations, the psychological pressure on the inhabitants, throwing stones at the other shepherds who graze the animals, cursing. The residents of Aravus have no other choice, it is the only pasture left in the village, they continue to graze there.

"Azerbaijanis throw stones at shepherds and swear. "There is no place to graze the animals, a little place that they can graze," Aravus community head Argam Hovsepyan told "Fastinfo".
30-04-2021, 13:31
These are the Turks on the way to Shushi Stepanakert.
Those responsible for this catastrophe are still living freely
I drew, let no one write, Suta.

From Narine Gabrielyan's Facebook page
30-04-2021, 13:27
Fighting has resumed in Kyrgyzstan's Leylek region on the border with Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz news agency reported, citing the Batken State Police Department. According to the agency, the shooting lasted for about an hour. On April 29, the conflict between residents of Kyrgyzstan and the border regions of Tajikistan escalated into a confrontation between the armed forces of the two countries.

Clashes between Kyrgyz and Tajik border guards lasted more than six hours. As a result of the bloodshed, more than 150 people were injured on both sides. Twenty people were killed. In the evening of April 29, the parties agreed on the withdrawal of forces from the ceasefire. However, on the morning of April 30, the hostilities resumed.
31-03-2021, 14:17
The source of the NA ruling faction Dejavu says that recently the deputies of "My Step" are quite upset, because they do not imagine what will happen to their fate, if Nikol Pashinyan really resigns, they will dissolve the National Assembly.

The majority is sure that in the future parliament, no matter how many deputies they can hold, they will not be in power and they will be "eaten".

The source of Dejavu informs that Ararat Mirzoyan elaborates his personal plans, almost does not deal with other issues, has little contact with his teammates.

Vice-speaker Lena Nazaryan is almost always with her Soros friends, they think what can be done after appearing in that situation.

Alen Simonyan, they say, is generally knocking on the door. He often communicates with oligarch Khachatur Sukiasyan, who promised him that he would be number 5 on the list, that he would be placed somewhere, no matter what, whoever came, he would take it upon himself, he would make an agreement For Allen.

However, Alen Simonyan is not so inclined to rely on one person, he even said that Sukiasyan may not be able to solve his problems, he will forget about me, or he will lie at all!

He tried to reach an agreement with his wife, to talk to Arthur Vanetsyan, in order to restore relations. Through his wife, who has been friends with Vanetsyan's wife, Nona, for a long time, he informed us if we could meet. However, Vanetsyan said, "Tell him to be careful, he is not a man, he is a tireless gyada, he came out."
31-03-2021, 14:12
A criminal case has been instituted on the grounds of murder by the decision of Aram Poghosyan, the head of the investigation group set up by the decision of Arthur Avetyan, the head of the Vedi Investigation Division of the Ararat Regional Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, the criminal case initiated under Article 104, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code was filed yesterday, March 30, by the Erebuni Police Department near the car overturned in the curves of Kyarki as a missing Yerevan resident. On the fact of finding the body of 51-year-old Zhirik Shajanyan. According to the information of the photojournalist, the forensic doctor examined the body and found an adhesive tape wrapped around the neck. According to the information of the photojournalist, the victim worked as the director of "Alanush ինիahin Bandari Masihi" private enterprise. As a photojournalist reported from the scene earlier, yesterday, March 30, a mysterious incident took place in Ararat region. At around 14:00, citizens received a call from the 911 operative control center of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations that a car had turned upside down on the 82nd km of the Yerjan-Yeraskh-Meghri highway, in the gorge of Kyarki, and about 20 meters away. on a man's body.

The Ararat Fire-Rescue Detachment No. 24 of the Ararat Regional Rescue Department of the Emergency Situations Ministry, headed by Deputy Commander Arsen Babagulyan, operatively arrived. The head of the Ararat regional police department Kamo Tsutsulyan and the head of the Ararat police department Vahagn Grigoryan arrived at the scene. The officers of the 2nd platoon of the 1st battalion of the 2nd officer battalion of the traffic police headed by the battalion commander Arsen Mardoyan, the deputy commander Aram Adibekyan, the platoon commander Grigor Poghosyan and the platoon commander Karapet Harutyunyan arrived operatively.

The police found bloody traces at the scene of the accident, on the asphalt, for which the expert of the Ararat regional department of the police arrived at the scene. The scene was inspected by the Vedi Investigation Division of the Ararat Regional Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia, headed by the head of the division Arthur Avetyan, especially senior investigators in important cases Aram Poghosyan and Volodya Sargsyan. The police and investigators found out that the deceased was 51-year-old Zhirik Shajanyan, a resident of Yerevan, who, according to his friends who arrived at the scene, was working as a manager, and yesterday his relatives reported his disappearance to the Erebuni Police Department. As a result of the search, his friends found him dead in the mentioned area. His Ford Transit car was found upside down in the gorge.
9-03-2021, 23:41
"Two or three days ago, we saw Russian peacekeepers, about 300-400 soldiers, come to Azatamut and take measurements. The whole region is terrified, everyone here and there is saying under the walls that what happened in Syunik is expected in Tavush, - a resident of Azatamut community of Tavush region told Pastinfo. We do not publish the name of the latter at his own request. The latter is worried that the governor and the mayor have already denied all this, they do not want to speak the truth.

"We saw what happened in Syunik, in Kapan, in Shurnukh. It was the same manuscript, everyone officially denied it, until the moment when the Turk came, he stood there and evicted the residents from their homes. "Now all the residents here are terrified. Everyone says that the same fate awaits us, but the relevant bodies deny or remain silent about it. We do not understand the reasons for their denial or silence." is a resident of Azatamut.

To the question whether there were Azerbaijani servicemen with the Russian peacekeepers as well, the Azatamut resident neither denied nor confirmed. "We were watching from a distance, how the Russian gamblers were exploring the area, going back and forth, making some measurements. We did not go near to find out what they were talking about or who was behind them, but the fact that they came in cars, there was a column, several hundred people studied the area and made measurements, we all saw it. We are, ”says the Azatamut resident, adding,“ How can a person not understand what is happening after all this, or what can be expected of us?

"Pastinfo" talked to Arthur Beginyan, the acting head of Azatamut community of Tavush region, about the issue today, who denied all the rumors spread on this topic. "All this is a lie. No Russian peacekeepers or Azeris came to Azatamut. I deny the rumors, I do not even understand who is spreading such rumors to the people living here in terror." The governor also assured that no measurements had been made. Neither the governor nor the acting head of the community explained why the Russian border guards went to Azatamut.

It should be reminded that today the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Hrant Bagratyan made a Facebook post, informing that at the moment the Azerbaijani soldiers are measuring in Azatamut community of Tavush region, near the former Barkhudarli.
Pastinfo also spoke with Hrant Bagratyan, who is going to leave for Tavush to get acquainted with the situation on the spot.

Author: Nvard Manvelyan
9-03-2021, 23:40
10-02-2021, 10:38
The relatives of the missing servicemen went to Robert Kocharyan's office in front of the Russian embassy to give him the letter.

YEREVAN, February 10 - Sputnik. The relatives of the missing servicemen are in front of the Russian Embassy, ​​they want to send a letter to the Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopirkin. The relatives of the 40 missing servicemen of the chemical unit of Etchmiadzin gathered in front of the embassy.

"We have applied to all the relevant bodies, no one can help us, no one is dealing with the issue of our boys' return. Now we want the ambassador to listen to us and maybe sign a new contract for the captives. It will not be like this, as long as we wait, "said the father of one of the missing soldiers, Tigran Adoyan.
10-02-2021, 10:26
P’etrvari 17-its’ heto hnaravor e jermastichani ktruk ankum 14:05, 10.02.2021 P’etrvari 17-its’ heto hnaravor e jermastichani ktruk ankum

A sharp drop in temperature is possible after February 17
10-02-2021, 10:19
Mger Armenia is founding a party with which he will participate in the elections. The name of the party is known
I have been performing under the name Mger Armenia since 2008, and I continue to bear that name with great pride, no matter how much we are considered a defeated country. Singer, RA Honored Artist Mger Armenia said this in a conversation with LURER.com.

He thinks that the current government is the number one responsible for the situation in the country. "God forbid the guilty or the innocent, but the government must answer first, the people who were somehow connected with this defeat, those who were responsible for the lives of the soldiers, but first that responsibility "He is in power today," said the singer.