30-11-2019, 18:30
The wedding ceremony of Hermine Naghdalyan's son took place today.

The bride is from the intellectual family of Anatoly Mkrtchyan's granddaughter. The wedding ceremony took place in 10/10 restaurant complex.

The wedding ceremony was attended by intellectuals. The RPA staff was also invited, in particular Serzh Sargsyan with his spouse, Galust Sahakyan with his spouse, Taron Margaryan, Armen Ashotyan, Eduard Sharmazanov, Gagik Minasyan, Hovhannes Sahakyan, Naira Karapetyan, Robert Kocharyan and other ex-president Kocharyan
30-11-2019, 18:22
President of the Association of Informed Citizens Daniel Ioannisyan wrote on his Facebook page:

"Serge Sargsyan was on distant trips on a plane provided by the oligarchs for free ... To avoid doing so, Nikol Pashinyan left for the United States on a leased plane, and both the KPs and we helped spend $ 300,000 on that purpose (though some oligarchs would pay for it) their private planes).

But now we are witnessing how the KPs welcome and support the acceptance of the oligarchs' donations by the Yerevan Municipality, which is accompanied by some administration in favor of these oligarchs (though the connection between these two events is not proven).

Dear ruling party, now say, let's understand, are you in favor or against receiving oligarchs' gifts from the public? ”
30-11-2019, 17:54
Head of the Meteorological Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia Gagik Surenyan posted a photo on his Facebook page with the caption:
30-11-2019, 17:44
I thank you for your confidence and my agreement to run and run in the 2020 presidential elections in Artsakh. According to Tert.am, Hero of Artsakh General Vitaly Balasanyan stated this at today's special congress of the Justice Party of Artsakh.

He emphasized that every citizen of Artsakh should live a dignified life, the youngster and the youth should receive Armenian upbringing and education, defending their rights, fulfilling their responsibilities while at the same time becoming a defender and defender of national and spiritual values.
30-11-2019, 17:37
This power is temporary. It will leave very soon and very unexpectedly. Former Armenian Ambassador to the Vatican Michael Minasyan wrote this on his facebook page.

In particular, he noted: "Why is there a widespread perception that this government is temporary? The answer is very simple. People feel that such a disgrace will not simply rule the country for long. How short! To my conviction, very short.

They themselves understand and know this, first and foremost, the "thugs". That's why they enjoy life, talk about it, try to hide their fears and do nothing. Although they are doing something. Those who buy from them are seeking refuge abroad this month, and those who are far from the mainstream are actively negotiating with all potential future candidates.
30-11-2019, 17:21
"Corruption deals that law enforcement must deal with," David Khajakyan, head of the Luys faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders, said in a live stream on Facebook yesterday, posting some documents of the municipality under his control.
30-11-2019, 17:15
RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov posted a photo on his Facebook page with RPA Vice President Armen Ashotyan:

"We are children of the Republican Party."
30-11-2019, 16:51
Former Armenian ambassador to the Vatican Michael Minasyan has stated that law enforcement agencies have already searched 25 and interrogated about 400 people within the framework of 10 criminal cases (which "in the regime's view" are related to him). In fact, according to Mr. Minasyan, the authorities are repressing him because he is "a competitive opponent of the regime", but the authorities do not understand that there are people who act and act within the law.

 According to him, "this government has targeted repressions in the wrong direction because, unlike many, we knew from the first day what the government was capable of."

There is a well-known saying: "My language is my enemy." Mikayel Minasyan essentially says that the "regime" cannot find any facts against him because he knew "coming to a head" from the very first day of the revolution (unlike many who did not know and could not hide the traces of their "economic activity"). But most ridiculous are his words that he acted and operated within the law.

Well of course. As a brilliantly educated young man (like hundreds of other youths) he had been in business for some time, then held public office, but as his father-in-law rose, his wealth increased and his father became "within the law" after becoming president. has become one of the richest people in Armenia. Understandably, just by chance, the father-in-law has nothing to do with it.
30-11-2019, 16:43
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, on November 30, officers of Armavir Police Department arrested a citizen of Armavir Police Department. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, at about 2 pm, officers of Armavir Police Department noticed a car with a number 36 F S 589 in front of the Armavir Police Station, but the front license plate was missing.

Police also noticed that the windshield on the back of the car had an "octagonal" sign used in the criminal world, which deepened their suspicions and they decided to stop the car for inspection. The police stopped the car near the administrative building of the Armavir police department and the driver, 23-year-old Karen Manukyan, a resident of Armavir city, started to argue with the policemen who stopped him and the officers of the Armavir police department.

 There is a famous saying: "Cat's game is the death of a mouse" and a young, law-abiding driver is taken to the police station, but as he is being detained he takes a large knife-like knife from his car and starts to shake it.
30-11-2019, 16:29
As we reported in previous articles (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8), AntiFake.am has launched a series of publications aimed at restoring the atmosphere of intense discussion and intolerance on Facebook. and the prevention of constant encroachment on people's honor, dignity, and business reputation.

To that end, we have touched upon 80 women who write obscene comments on Facebook in previous articles.

In this article we will look at 10 more women: Rima Edigaryan, Siranush Makaryan, Lili Davtyan, Rustamyan Shushanik, Gaiane Aslanyan Eloyan, bright blue, Melanie Grigoryan, Naira Mkrtchyan, Anna Mian, Victoria Papyan Elos Berdum, whose Facebook page they are viewing, All of them are mothers and grandmothers raising families and raising children.

The women in this article live either in Armenia or outside of Armenia, and those who differ in their views on domestic political events publicly voice sexual harassment and insults to support Nikol Pashinyan.